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Christmas tree wallpaper came from

Space snowy outdoors, indoors filled with lights and ornately decorated tree, families gather together countless cozy. Oh wonderful Christmas! Update more beautiful in Christmas wallpaper for your Christmas season more shimmering, warm offline!

Although there are many documented and many different legends are recounted, but so far no one really knows the origin of the Christmas tree came from.

In winter, while all the trees are wilting, only pines is still green. Because of this, but since ancient times, was considered tree species of the resurrection, always keep the eternal green color.

According to legend, from 2000 to 1200 BC have been exhibited custom Epicéa tree on December 24, because people see it as the rebirth of the Sun day.

Previously, the people of Eastern Europe (Celtes) using cyclical lunar calendar, each month of the year, all linked to a plant, with the want to create the link between man and hd nature wallpaper.

December 24 Winter Solstice more targeted was named coniferous (Epicéa). And to celebrate the winter solstice day, a tree symbolizes life will be decorated by fruits and wheat.

To tell about the origin of the stars symbolize the Christmas tree, St. Boniface in legend that one day on the pilgrimage, he came across a group of pagans worshiping is concentrated around the oak tree large, using a child to mental health.

To stop the sacrifices and saving children, oak saint defeated with a result a punch! At that where a small tree sprouting. The saint said to the infidels that the small tree is the tree of life, and it symbolizes the eternal life of Christ.

Since then, the advent fir-tree meaning of Jesus. So that at Christmas, the Germans have been traditionally grown small pine trees and plants always appear in all their large and small festivals.

Where pines appear as a symbol of hd Christmas wallpaper, then there is considered to be the heart of the festival, where people hold hands danced around the tree, above the sparkling lights and colors colorful gift box, the warm ginger cake or sweet candy cane

In the 11th century, the Christmas tree is also given a symbolic paradise tree. This explains why the people still hanging on trees more red hdApple wallpaper, to evoke images of Adam and Eve the forbidden fruit


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