Post Info TOPIC: RAFTS: Unity & Diversity

RAFTS: Unity & Diversity

  1. You are the school class president.  Write out an outline of events for ‘Diversity Day’ at your school.  Deliver to principal.

  2. You are a Native American girl.  In a poem, explain to your classmates how you view American expansion in the West.

  3. You are Cesar Chaves.  In a private letter to Robert Kennedy, explain your position on Hispanic/White relations.

  4. You are having your first day at a new school.  Visually describe every form of cultural unity and diversity you see.

  5. You are US diplomat in a Middle East embassy. In a memo, analyze the similarities and differences between both cultures.

  6. You are a youth basketball organizer. In a speech to your supervisor, justify your reasons for including rival gangs in games.

  7. You are Langston Hughes.  In a poem, laud and criticize American society for its cultural unity and its cultural diversity.

  8. You are Nelson Mandela.  After being elected president, give a speech to the National Party concerning future race relations.

  9. You are a sci-fi author.  Outline the plot of your novel which describes how a multi-species world builds respect for diversity.

  10. You are an asylum seeker.  In a statement to the State Dept., explain your reasons for wanting to come to America.

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RE: RAFTS: Unity & Diversity

1. Native American girl poem:
             We moved west, we died,
            You might call it a genocide,
            Walking west in the sun we fried,
            Survive? We tried,
            All so America could thrive,
            All at the expense of our lives



2. Youth Basketball Organizer: Call me crazy, but I think my idea might work. What does everyone in this community always talk about?, we need to promote peace and cooperation among or youth, those in gangs in particular. Well this is exactly what including rival gangs in the games will do. I say what better way to form these bonds and mend those troubled souls better than over a game of basketball. Boss, if you ask me I say lets run with it.

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