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EQ: Social Activism

1.     What can people do to help create an environment that encourages respect for all persons?

2.     What are effective strategies for promoting cultural diversity in American society?

3.     How should injustice and violations of rights be identified and fought in America today?

4.     What grassroots methods are effective for promoting political, economic or social change?

5.     What methods are most effective for protecting society against the corruption of justice in everyday life?

6.     What is the connection between the tactics used to fight institutional racism and those used to fight personal prejudice?

7.     How are effective social activist communities formed?  What examples of leadership or empowerment attract members?

8.     Which movements for political, economic or social activism (change) have succeeded and which have failed?  Why?

9.     Is it more effective to affect political, economic or social activism (change) from within a system or outside it?  Why?

10. What impact can social activism have on changing the way people think, not just how they act?



1.What can people do to help create an environment that encourages respect for all persons?
People can learn more about cultures other than their own in order to creat an environment that encourages respect for all persons. They can go to restaurants and try the foods that are a part of a certain culture. They can attend concerts to see the dancing and hear the music that come that culture. They can visit churches, temples or mosques to learn more about the religion of other people. They can read books to learn about the ideas and issues that most affect these cultures. The most important thing would be making sure that their children are involved in these activies as well because that is something that will stay with their children and will affect many generations.

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